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Wildlife in Pakistan – Fascinating Facts About Wildlife

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries in South Asia. The diversity of its landscape and the rich wildlife that lives there are a testament to this fact, but how much do you know about it? We have compiled some fascinating facts about Pakistan’s wildlife for if you want to have a taste of wild life in Pakistan!

The national animal of Pakistan is the Markhor, an endangered species.


– Pakistani wildlife includes a wide range of birds from sea level to high elevation areas in the mountains. Over 660 bird species have been reported as present there so far, with discoveries being made all the time. Biodiversity surveys show that nesting sites for various migratory waterfowl exist along the Indus River valley at altitudes up to 4500m above sea level. During winter months, several hundred thousand ducks may be seen feeding on rice stubble fields around agricultural settlements near Chilas.

Weasel bears are another type of animal found here; they have sharp claws and teeth for hunting prey such as rodents.

Pakistan has a lot of different types of fish, and many are endemic to the country. The most-traded species include trout, carp, catfish, and tilapia, which is native to Africa but found in some rivers in Northern Pakistan due to its introduction there by local farmers. Some less common ones (the Gila monster) are not necessarily endangered as they live out their lives away from human contact, although it is illegal under Pakistani law for people to export them or import them into certain countries like Saudi Arabia reported that children living near Quetta had been bitten resulting in fatalities when schoolchildren handled them unknowingly believing they were just being shown an animal belonging to the tortoise family.

The only venomous snake in Pakistan is the saw-scaled viper which lives mainly in desert regions and can grow up to 12 feet long with highly toxic poison that can cause death if not treated immediately by medical professionals. Â Its bite may also lead to infection, so it should be avoided at all costs!

Mammals in Wildlife of Pakistan

-Pakistani wildlife is home to a wide variety of mammals such as 211 cetaceans, including dolphins and whales in coastal areas; seven crocodile species in various freshwater habitats; nine large cat types, including tigers; Asian elephants in semi-deserts or near sources for water. More giant cats mainly find at higher elevations like pine forests cover most parts of Pakistan’s territory while swamp rabbits are restrict to some wetland regions on its border with India. There is also an abundance of small carnivores such as the Indian crested porcupine, red fox, and several types of mongoose. The common hedgehog is find in most parts of Pakistan. while leopards are mainly confine to areas near human habitation.

-Pakistan’s wildlife also includes many species which have become extinct within its boundaries, including Baluchitherium; Hippopotamus amphibius on the coast (now only alive in captivity); Lophiodon Egyptians elsewhere; Toxodon platensis only living now at Buenos Aires Museum of Natural History but formerly ranged all over South America; Hyrax capensis locally called “sahib” or “Khara”; Capra pyrenaica – wild goat not native to this area that was introduce in early 20th century.

Birds in Wildlife of Pakistan

Pakistani wildlife also includes a wide variety of birds such as  660 species, including the most widespread and abundant bird in the world – the house sparrow; 40 types of herons & egrets; other common resident breeding waterbirds include black-headed cormorant, Eurasian coot, European goldeneye, garganey and shoveller duck. The Sindh ibex is find at high elevations on rocky terrain, including areas around Skardu. While Markhor is restrict to one small area near the China border. Kashmir red deer inhabit sparse coniferous forests with scattered deodar trees (Cedrus deodara) from about altitude until the snow line, where blue sheep replace them.

-Pakistan is home to a diverse range of mammals, birds, and reptiles. Pakistan has 177 mammal species, including ten critically endangered or threatened species: the Balochistan gray wolf (Canis lupus pallipes), which only lives in an area spanning about 700 km²; the Asiatic cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus venaticus), last seen over 50 years ago; the markhor goat (Capra falconeri); wild boar piglet illegality? (Sus scrofa); Indian crested porcupine; small-toothed palm civet cat (Herpestes edwardsii).

Wild Life of Pakistan

Pakistan is also home to several species that are only find locally. These include the: Sindh krait, Indus Valley hedgehog, and Takhchahari ground jay. While some others exist in small numbers but have more widespread ranges outside Pakistan. Such as blackbuck deer, Bengal tiger, and snow leopard.

The wildlife in Pakistan is fascinating and diverse. The country’s geographical location has shaped the diversity of its flora and fauna found on the land, rivers, lakes, or seas that surround it. This article has discuss some of these animals, but there are many more waiting to be discover by you! What have been your favorite discoveries about Pakistani wildlife? Let us know in the comments below!

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