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Do you know how to write Urdu in Facebook? How to write name, comments and messages in urdu in Facebook. This is one of the most world’s popular socializing site. Even a well-educated people, literate or illiterate peoples are link with this application. By default, United State English is used in Facebook but in Pakistan there are a lot of people who can read and write Urdu but they cannot gear with English. Learn to Facebook Urdu typing in this post.

Now it easy for those people who do not know English so the Facebook official team has set Facebook with Urdu language and now everyone type Urdu in Facebook on android cell phone. You need to read this post and you will be known that how to write Urdu in Facebook without any software. This is a very suitable update by the Facebook because it gives the good facility for those peoples who are now aware from English but they can write, speak and understand Urdu in the very best way.


how to write urdu in facebook


Write Urdu in Facebook, How?

Now you are able to write Facebook posts, messages. Just about anything in Facebook in Urdu conveniently using the following steps.


Copy Paste from an online keyboard

This is an ease and fast method but you need to open an online keyboard every time you would want to write Urdu.

Install Your own Urdu Fonts

This is my experience method; you can write directly Urdu easy from your keyboard everywhere (unlimited to Facebook only).

Do you know what is your name meaning in urdu?

install your fonts


Installing Your Own Keyboards and Fonts

To Write in Urdu or Arabic you will need to do:

  • Install support for displaying the target language (that you want to own wish) and its fonts and styles.
  • Download a phonetic keyboard to write the target language.
  • Configure it and use the language toolbar.


Installing Language Support

For writing and viewing Facebook Urdu typing what will you need to first install Windows 7 Language Pack.

  • It is found here to download the Instruction for installing the Language Pack.
  • Installed by defaults, Windows 7 comes with some Arabic fonts.
  • Facebook and the other websites will off course support Unicode font mere which is the default font for these sites for both of the Urdu and Arabic.

A phonetic keyboard is the only in which the Urdu alphabets will follow the sound of their respective English alphabets when a key is pressed.

Do you know how are you meaning in Urdu?



  • You can download a phonetic keyboard for Urdu from
  • You will download and Install them.
  • Open control panel, choose Category view, select on change display language and after that on change keyboards.(Windows 7)
  • Click the Add, a list of keyboards would show to you:
  • Choose Urdu(Islamic Republic of Pakistan) -> keyboards -> Urdu phonetic and add it.
  • Now you should see the window as follows. Close to it.
  • Here a number of options to configure your keyboards are available.




  • Usually on the bottom right corner of screen the language toolbar is available, clicking it will show the different sorts of language keyboards available. A tick will be their next to system default keyboard.


  • Typing use Alt+Shift to switch sorts of keyboards. After the switch a different language label will reveal in place of EN (UR for Urdu ) to support you remind which language keyboard you have chosen.


write urdu in facebook


We’re trying our best by working on launching a system by which the users can write in Facebook directly without the hassle of this copy and paste problem! but till which we roll out this feature, you’ll need to do it in the copy paste manner!


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