Make money online in Pakistan

How to Make Money Online in Pakistan – Online Earning in Pakistan

How to make money online in Pakistan or How to Online Earning in Pakistan ? Everyone likes to earn money online as majority of the people are jobless and they have to rare their families. The increasing price inflation in Pakistan and joblessness has made the people to seek means and ways to earn some money through any manner.

Majority of the students try to earn money online and usually fall prey to the scammers. If you are a student and wish to know how to earn online money in Pakistan then you are in a right spot. Now we mention many online methods of earning money in which some are legal in Pakistan and some are illegal.


  1. Which method is good for online earning money in Pakistan from home?
  2. What is the easy method of online earning of money?
  3. How can I ear online money in Pakistan?
  4. Here you will find answers too many queries. Now deny waste of time and find ways and means of earning money online in Pakistan.


Majority of the people especially student are aware of this word. Freelance is the one who privately employs himself and is not attached to a firm etc.

There are various departments and commercial entities where the use of freelance word is used. Music, writing & calligraphy, acting, web designing, graphic designs, Translation, example, film and video making where freelance is employed.

Some companies and firms get freelance services from individuals. Freelancers work with such firms and companies. They are usually fixed employees but work under an agreement.


There are various websites where you can find freelance works and earn online money.

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • People per Hour



Freelance” is the reknown process and a freelancing website. You only need to make your profile on it. It devises a track to get payment system which you will use. For payment get a credit card, debit card or PAL system. Here you have to consult for rates.

UP WORK is also a highly used website. It is established and verified accounting procedure. Therefore one can find work that is the best one. You shall make a complete portfolio on your website. After due consideration they will inform you about your profile. If they have work according to your specialty then you can bet on different jobs. They will inform you about acceptance of your job and working criterion.

FIVER is another website for freelance earning of money is possible. You can find various works on this website. Most of Pakistan students are using this website and earning money this way. You only create a profile on this web and add your project. For example you are a Web Developer and someone click on your web and you survey his profile. If the person likes your project he keep you as a freelance employee.

PEOPLE PER HOUR is another website where Pakistani are earning online money. Here you can charge your client per hour. Here you only make on profile on it start earning from home. You can choose writing job or any other job on it.



With the advancement of technology, different social apps have been devised in Digital Marketing which are now scattered in Pakistan. Digital marketing is a paraphrase that is used for advertising, online jobs, developments and inclusion of various fields in it. Websites and social media are included in digital marketing.


digital marketing


Now you may ask how to ear money from digital marketing. It is not a difficult job but in digital marketing you may require some time. If you wish to open a digital marketing agency then you will process the following things beforehand:-

  • If you wish to open a Digital Marketing Agency then you must have an expertise in this field.
  • You must know how to advertise on different social medias and platforms.

First contact some brands and then to convince them. If they agree to advertise it in their social websites then you start earning money online.


One of the best method for earning online money Bloging is another way. Yu can start your Blog or write different items. It depends on you that you want to earn online. If you an idea to start blog then you must have an expertise in writing.

You can write different blogs for example Blog about a news, any product or service or some renowned personality etc. You can write about anything. But don’t copy others. If you require Blog site then you go to Word Press and create your Blog. You need Google AdSense for creating Blog and earning money on it. You may start earning money after 5 or 6 months but you have to wait as due to enhance traffic of your Blog you start earning.

blogging - online earning in pakistan


Only open Word Press website an sign in your Blog on website. Just click / sign up on job of your interest. Only write on your interest essay. It depends upon you how you market your Blog and people start liking your Blog then they will visit your blog and read. You can write blog for many websites.


Yes, to earn online in Pakistan you can use academic writing. Do you know that in the whole world the student hire bloggers for completion of their assignments and thesis projects.

But the question is how to find academic writing project and earn money. You can find academic writing jobs on our websites. it is practical in Great Britain, America and Middle East where the clients hire services and pay for it as writing on a special essay. Academic writing is better for student where they learn more things and pay for it.




In Pakistan you can find many DATA entry jobs. It is the best way of earning online money. You can search your social media for data entry jobs. In Pakistan DATA entry job is good for students.

DATA ENTRY - online earning in pakistan



It is not easy in Pakistan to earn money on online development of websites and apps. If you desire to make website or app then this is the best way to earn online money in Pakistan. Most of the computer students make websites or apps for the clients all over the world an ear online money this way.


online earning in pakistan - make money online in pakistan

How to find such job? Easily work through any website and offer services especially local clients of social media.


One of the most practicable method of online earning money in Pakistan is the Graphic Designing. Then one must have expertise in graphic designing. If you don’t have expertise then this is not the proper method.

Graphic designing is the best method of earning money. Search any freelance website for international clients searching. You can advertise on various social Medias platforms for advertisement of your job.


People in Pakistan mostly know about You Tube. And they use You Tube for various purposes. Here you can find Duo Reles to Movie Trailers of different movies. If you wish to learn any other job then the use of You Tube is better.

Many people in Pakistan are earning money through you Tube. After maintenance of You Tube in Pakistan many people have started making their own channels. Start posting video to the channel and start earning through You Tube.

Make money online in pakistan - online earning in pakistan
source : YouTube

When you watch on You Tube then multiple schemes will come to your mind and you will start earning more and more money.

Just remember that it takes time that you grasp audiences and clients for your channel. You can make Travel Log or cooking recipes etc which depends on you.



If you have little reserves and you wish then you can start your own commerce online and earn money. The website of E-Commerce in Pakistan is the best website for selling products and earning. DARAZ website extend you services for selling your products on online.

ecommerce - online earning in pakistan

If you can invest then this is the most reliable source of online earning money. You can also make your own e-commerce website where you can easily sell your products.


Household women and articles about household women is the best writing place. As the domestic women usually like to take part in earning livelihood for their families therefore they hire services and if you write for them then this is best publishing house job for writers. It is not fare to essay that writing is for domestic women only. You need to make profile on various websites an advertise / writing in various newspapers or websites.

You can sell some essays on certain websites and earn money online.


If you are short of budget and can not produce your own e-commerce then you can get services of Face Book or Instagram. Following steps are required to be followed on Face Book or Instagram:-

  • Make page on Instagram or Face Book depicting your profile.
  • Select name for your Face Book Page or Instagram beforehand.
  •  Add pictures of your products that are available for sale.
  • Pay for advertisement and advertis your page on face book. You will then find clients.
  • When you start getting orders then Congratulations you have started online earning money.


You are aware about Tax and you can find services for this purpose. You search for Tax advisory firms in Pakistan. On one click they render their services and advise. You can get such services on payment of a meager amount and you can open page from your house and work and later deposit Tax Credentials.

In Pakistan services of Tax advisory are not available.

Bring such services to the market and start earning money in Pakistan on provision of such services. Professional students are advised to us this method.


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